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CALL TO MAKE A BOOKING: +254 111 013 900




  • Who is Ponea?   

Ponea Health is a digital healthcare marketplace that connects patients to licensed, vetted, and regulated medical practitioners and medical facilities and vice versa. 


  • How can Ponea help me?  

As a patient, you benefit from being able to personally choose and compare medical practitioners or hospitals based on your location and cost, whether you prefer home care or hospital visits.  


  • What services does Ponea offer?  

Ponea offers VIP Concierge services to patients seeking to access healthcare by giving them access to a pool of doctors and medical facilities through its e-commerce platform. 


  • Where is Ponea located?  

Ponea is a digital platform accessible via the website and mobile app. Ponea does not own any of the medical facilities, however, it profits through commissions made per booking.


  • What are the medical services that you offer?  

We connect you to a full range of healthcare service providers across all disciplines and specialties. This includes doctors, dentists, medical centers, hospitals, laboratories, radiology and imaging, pharmacy, and emergency services. Where available, they can be provided at the facility at the convenience of your home/ hotel/ office or online through our teleconsultations. 


  • Is this service free?  

No, Ponea charges a minimal booking fee to facilitate the VIP services offered to our clients.


  • How soon can I book an appointment?  

We take the same day, next day, or future appointment booking requests based on the availability of the medical practitioner or medical facility.


  • What are your operating hours?  

We are a 24/7 business. 


  • Where are my medical records stored?  

We host our data on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted.


  • Is my information shared? If so with whom?  

The medical records can only be accessed by the Ponea Concierge team, your doctor, and yourself. 



  • How to book an appointment?  

You can book an appointment through our e-commerce page once you select a package or service you need, or you can call our call center on +254 111 013 900. 


  • If I can’t attend my appointment, can I reschedule?  

Yes, appointments can be rescheduled at least 6 hours prior, otherwise, a rescheduling fee will apply.   


  • Can I cancel my booking and if so, will I get a refund?  

Yes, a booking can be canceled. A cancellation fee may apply depending on the service booked. Please refer to our Payment Methods, Cancellations, and Refunds.


  • Is there a cancelation or rescheduling fee?  



  • Why was my appointment canceled?  

Cancellations can happen for a number of reasons. If you did not directly cancel the appointment, then please call +254111013900 or forward your email to You can reach us 24/7. 


  • Can you recommend a doctor or facility that is highly rated? And how can you vouch for this?  

We rate our doctors based on their service delivery. This information is made available to the public on our e-commerce platform hence a client is able to pick a highly rated doctor. Patients also rate their doctor's experience on our platform. This information can guide you in selecting a preferred doctor or medical facility.  


  • Can I book multiple services?  

Yes, the system allows you to make more than one booking at a time.


  • Can I book an appointment for my child under my name?  

Yes, children under the age of 18 will have their accounts under the guardian's account.


  • Can I book for a family member or a friend? 

Yes, however, it will be the patients' details that will be captured. 



  • How do I create my account? 

From the topmost navigation click on the ‘Login’ link. From the next page, click on the ‘Create account’ link; provide the requested data and finally click on the ‘Create Account’ button.  


  • What are the possible payment options?  

Our platform accepts MPESA, Credit and Debit Card, PESAPAL, and PAYPAL.  


  • How do I change my personal details?  

Once logged in to your account from the top-most navigation top right, click on your name and a drop-down will appear. Click on ‘My account’ then from the left navigation select the ‘My Profile’ link. 


  • Can I delete my account? 

Kindly contact Ponea support via the numbers provided on the website. 


  • How do I reset my password? 

Once logged in to your account from the top-most navigation top right, click on your name and a drop-down will appear. Click on ‘My account’ then from the left navigation select the ‘My Profile’ link.  



  • How can we partner with Ponea?  

Healthcare service providers can sign-up for their practice or facility on our platform by filling in the registration form on our website. You can then select your preferred choice of communication either call or email, for the Ponea team to reach you.