4 suspected cases admitted as Lock-down measures put in place

4 suspected cases admitted as Lock-down measures put in place

20 March, 2020

A total of forty-four(44) contacts were released following the end of the 14-day follow up period with 4 more suspected cases  admitted at Mbagathi isolation unit. 1 tested negative for the Corona virus and is being processed for discharge while the other 3 await their results. A case in Kilifi County is also being followed.

‘’Our actions continue to be guided by the trends that we have observed in other countries. Evidence from other countries indicate that the number of infected persons increases dramatically in the second week following confirmation of a first case. Consequently, the next two weeks are extremely critical for this country, as we seek to contain the outbreak. We remain focused on emphasizing high levels of hygiene and the maintenance of social distances as the most effective containment measures. ‘’ urged Hon. Mutahi Kagwe.

He also stated that the National Emergency Response Committee at its meeting today 20th March, 2020 had resolved and directed the taking of the following additional precautionary measures :

  1. All entertainment, bars and other social spaces, are to close their doors to the public by 7.30pm every day until further notice, effective Monday, 23rd March 2020. During operational hours, allsuch facilities are to define the maximum number of persons within their premises at any given time so as to conform to the social distance requirements of at least 1.5 meter apart.
  2. All supermarkets are required to limit the number of shoppers inside the premises at any given time, in a manner that conforms to the social distance requirements of at least 1.5 meter apart. All supermarkets are directed to determine the number of shoppers based on the size of their premises.
  3. Open air markets including vegetable, mitumba and bazaars are high risk transmission environments. The management of local markets are directed to ensure that the premises are disinfected regularly to maintain high standards of hygiene.
  4. The County Governments are required to prioritize garbage collection and cleanliness of all markets as well as ensure provision of soap and clean water in all market centers.
  5. Corporations and businesses have already been encouraged to allow where possible employees to work from home. Where employees are in office, the employer should ensure that social distance requirements are adhered to.
  6. f.. Public service vehicle operators have already been asked to observe high levels of hygiene during this period. In order to maintain social distance requirements in public service vehicles, it is directed that: i. For 14 seater matatus, a maximum of 8 passengers ii. For 25 seater vehicles, a maximum of 15 passengers iii. For 30 seater vehicles and above, to maintain 60% maximum of seating capacity. This similarly applies for SGR and commuter train services.
  7. In furtherance of the directive by H.E. The President, all hospital management in public and private hospitals are to restrict patient visitation to family and relatives of patients who have been expressly contacted by the hospital.